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The King & Queen
The King & Queen
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Pack of 2 wines
Live like royalty for the day with this indulgent pack of decadent sparkling Shiraz and rich fortified wine. Serve the 2014 Black Queen Sparkling Shiraz with oysters, roast turkey or Peking duck pancakes, and match 2019 The King Tawny with homemade fruit cake or decadent chocolates for dessert. Go on, treat yourself as only a king and queen can!


1 x 2015 Black Queen Sparkling Shiraz *
1 X 2019 The King Tawny 

**Due to the popularity of these mixed packs, we have sold out of the 2014 Black Queen Sparkling Shiraz as communicated in the email you received. Orders placed will include the new 2015 Black Queen Sparkling Shiraz.