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Old Premium Rare Tawny
Morris Wines
Old Premium Rare Tawny
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Only the best vintages are selected for the Old Premium Rare range. The art lies in the blending of very old and much younger vintages, to impart intense, concentrated and luscious flavours with aged complexity, complemented by fresh fruit characters from younger wines. The 2019 release has been crafted in celebration of our 160th anniversary, released in strictly limited quantities of exactly 160 cases.

Wine Profile
Winemaker Notes
Deep and rich tawny brown in colour with a warm amber edge and sensational aromas of ripe fruits and warm spices. Intensely rich and alluring with concentrated dried fruit flavours, bursts of sweetness, moreish spice and a subtle toffee-like bitterness. There is a lift and freshness from the integration of spirit and complexity from years spent maturing in oak.
The grapes were left on vines until the ideal Baumé was reached to develop those classic Tawny flavours. After crushing and fermentation, a spirit of complex character is added for fortification. The wine was transferred into oak casks and barrels to slowly mature and develop over the years. The resultant Tawny is a specially selected blend of these exceptional vintages.
Wine Analysis
Non Vintage
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