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Fantastic Fortified Pack
Fantastic Fortified Pack
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  • 1 x Founders Series Classic Liqueur Muscat
    • Classic varietal aromas of sweet dried fruits and florals, developing to a palate brimming with luscious fruit flavours, balanced by oak and fine acidity.
  • 2 x Classic Liqueur Muscat
    • A style unique to Australia, this Muscat is an example of the outstanding fortifieds grown by Morris. Rich and luscious flavours with a dry finish with an average age of approx. 8 to 10 years.
  • 1 x Classic Tawny
    • Fresh and stylish, with a great depth of flavour. Ripe fruit aromas complemented by nutty characters and a full palate.
  • 2 x Founders Series Classic Liqueur Topaque
    • Full of decadent sweetness of intense toffee, butterscotch and malt extract with balanced oak on the palate.