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Casella Celebrations Pack
Casella Celebrations Pack
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  • 3 x 2013 Sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay Cuvée
    • This elegant Sparkling Wine is a beautiful pale straw colour accompanied by a fine persistent bead. The complex bouquet is layered with fresh citrus and delicious toasted notes. Extended ageing adds a rich creaminess and texture to the palate, which is enhanced by a refreshingly crisp finish. Best enjoyed now, without further cellaring.
  • 3 x Sparkling Shiraz Durif
    • In 1988 Morris Wines decided to produce a sparkling red wine known then as 'Sparkling Burgundy.' Shiraz was the traditional base, but Morris discovered that by including Durif it added extra flavour & richness. A unique sparkling red with intense beading and rich robust flavour – it is big, bold and beautiful.