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Baileys Festive Gems
Baileys Festive Gems
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This selection of wines has been handpicked by Chief Winemaker, Paul Dahlenberg, to ensure there is a delicious wine for sipping at every festive celebration.

This pack includes:

1 x Baileys Founders Classic Topaque -  Full of decadent sweetness of intense toffee, butterscotch and malt extract with balanced oak on the palate, this wine is the perfect end to any festive season feast. 

1 x 2015 Petite Sirah - This wine strikes a perfect balance between richness and restraint. Attractive blueberry, blackberry and cinnamon spice, with fine tannins and varietal earthy notes make it the perfect accompaniment to roasted or barbequed meats and vegetables.

1 x 2019 Nero D’Avola - The palate exhibits layers of cherries overlain with blue fruits and spice, rounded by soft supple tannins and a slightly savoury finish. Enjoyed at room temperature or try chilling lightly just before serving. Beautifully accompanies game meats like duck or even succulent pork dishes.

1 x 2018 Organic Rosé - The palate is juicy bright and tastes of strawberries and cream, with a crisp dry finish. Best enjoyed whilst young and fresh, on sunny days with great friends.

1 x 2019 Organic Fiano - The palate is layered and textured with hints of almond, white peach and a clean crisp finish. Serve chilled as a beautiful accompaniment to rich seafood dishes.

1 x 2016 Organic Shiraz - This is a medium bodied wine balanced by savoury red fruits, fine tannin and well-integrated toasted French oak. For those seeking something different than traditional ham or turkey for the festive table, it pairs perfectly with classic veal dishes and light game meats, such as duck or quail.