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Casella Family Brands
6 June 2019 | Guides, Marketing | Casella Family Brands

Rosé Food Pairings

 Rose pairs well with spicy Asian dishes

Rosé is often seen as an aperitif or a drink to be enjoyed in the sun BUT the idea that Rosé wine is only to be enjoyed during warmer months is fast fading away. We’re seeing people enjoying a pink tipple by the fire or on the ski slopes anywhere from nearby Thredbo to the French Alpes. As neither a red nor a white wine, Rosé is a very versatile food wine, perfect for any season.

Here are some suggestions for delicious ways to explore this varietal beyond the sun lounger. 


Spice can drastically change the flavour of a wine. Equally, too much tannin, acid or sugar in a wine can enhance the spice too much or alternatively, completely kill it. If you’re planning to enjoy a spicy meal you don’t want either of these scenarios. Solution? Rosé.

Rosé hits the spot as it’s refreshingly textural with flavours that don’t over power. This means the wine doesn’t clash with the food but creates a beautiful balance.

We recommend Peter Lehmann Wines Portrait Grenache Rosé with spicy Asian dishes like chilli basil stir-fry or spicy banana leaf baked fish. Similar to how lemon or lime is served to enhance spicy food, the crisp refreshing acidity and the gentle strawberry and cream flavours complement the spice to create a beautifully balanced food and wine pairing.


It’s no secret that Rosé is a great accompaniment for seafood. The gentle berry and floral aromas broaden and tease out the salty flavours of seafood. The juicy palate and crisp dry finish of our Brand’s Laira Old Station Rosé provides a lovely backdrop for the subtle flavours of fresh shellfish like prawns and crab. During the colder months we also recommend trying it alongside baked salmon with a roasted vegetable salad or an indulgent, warming fish pie.


For many, the winter months mean the end of BBQ season and the start of a traditional Sunday roast and it’s surprising how versatile Rosé can be with meat. Take our organic Baileys of Glenrowan Small Batch Rosé for example, predominantly made using Cabernet Sauvignon, it displays elements of cassis and a slight spice. This means it matches beautifully with roasted juicy pork belly, where its grapefruit-like acidity cuts through the fattiness of crispy crackling to give a stunning contrast. The same principle applies for slow-roasted turkey and you could even try it with a glazed ham for Christmas in July – trust us, it works a treat!



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