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24 July 2019 | Guides, Recipes | Casella Family Brands

Pairing is Caring

How to pair wine with food

This Christmas in July, why not get your nearest and dearest around the table and impress them with your food and wine pairing skills? We can’t think of many better occasions to indulge in some delicious food and alognside beautiful bold reds, spicy fortifieds and textural Chardonnay

No Christmas feast is complete without a baked ham. Why not coat it with a maple honey mustard glaze and pair it with our Morris Sparkling Shiraz Durif? The sweetness of the glaze and saltiness of the ham will complement the wine’s rich and sophisticated flavours and elegant finesse. 

For something lighter, or a beautiful accompaniment to your meal, we have a delicious simple salad inspired by Thousand Pound Wine Bar in Rutherglen, with pan-fried haloumi, roasted beetroot, pickled carrot and walnut salad tossed in vincotto. This dish is sure to impress, especially when matched with our deliciously spicy and award-winning 2013 Morris Durif, it tastes just like Christmas!

Don’t forget your white wines this Winter! A beautiful Chardonnay will also suit the usually heavier, creamier sauces and side dishes we enjoy during Christmas in July. They also pair fantastically with the traditional seafood starters.

Try our Brand’s Laira 2017 Blockers Chardonnay, with its fresh, rockmelon and almost cashew-like character which match wonderfully with crispy skin salmon or chargrilled prawns. For more intensely flavoured dishes like a show-stopping gravlax, pair with our Peter Lehmann Wines 2019 Hill & Valley Pinot Gris, which with its delicate fresh pear and juicy peach lushness complements beautifully.

Last but not least, no Christmas dinner is complete without a dessert. Try our Morris Wines Classic Topaque with a homemade apple crumble sprinkled with cinnamon and whipped cream, it is sure to hit the spot. With additional years spent maturing in oak barrels, our decadently luscious Morris Old Premium Rare Topaque has developed such rich complexity of flavour, bountiful with sticky butterscotch, malt characters and syrupy toffee. Savour this rare luxury with dark bitter chocolate or serve with the family’s secret recipe Christmas pudding.


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