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Shipping & Delivery


We offer a flat rate delivery fee of $10 no matter where you are in Australia and no matter how many cases of wine you buy. This is storewide but does not include any bulk wine, large format products, events, food or merchandise.  

Australia Post

We deliver only within Australia

We use Australia Post to deliver ordered products.

You agree to any of the terms and conditions of Australia Post that may be relevant to the delivery of your Order.

Delivery Address

The address that Australia Post will deliver is the address that you have provided during your Order.

We will not action your delivery with Australia Post unless all requested delivery details are provided when you place your Order.

Pre-conditions to Delivery

You agree that any person who takes receipt of your ordered products at the delivery address is authorised to do so.

Delivery times

The standard time-frame for receiving an Order is 10-14 days. You accept the risk that occasionally due to circumstances which are beyond our control, including any actions taken by Australia Post and the impact of extreme temperatures, delivery times may be longer than the standard time-frame or as nominated and paid for by you.

You accept that the Delivery times for your Order will be within Australia Post’s normal delivery times.

Delivery returns/non-collection

We will refund the amount paid by you for any ordered products that we are unable to deliver to you for any reason, including if any delivery pre-conditions are not met or an incorrect address is provided.

Our refunds may contain the following deductions:

  • Costs incurred delivering the products; and
  • Costs incurred returning the products to our storage site.


Pick-Up is available from our cellar doors.

You must collect your Order from the specified cellar door as advised by us.

We may rely on any person who collects your Order as being authorised to collect your ordered products on your behalf.

We may not allow collection of your order if any of our requests for verification (such as proof of identity or age) are not complied with to a satisfactory standard.

We will not allow collection of your order if we consider that the circumstances of the collection are not suitable for any reason including:

  • The recipient and/or likely recipient of the ordered products appears to be under the age of 18 years old; and
  • The recipient and/or likely recipient of the ordered products appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Risk and Title

Risk and title in the products pass to you at the later of the time that:

  • they are delivered to your delivery address; or
  • you pay for the products.

If the risk and title of an ordered product has passed to you, it will revert back to us if we make a refund to you.